Top 3 Tips For Advertising At College Football Games

September 9, 2014

Top 3 Tips For Advertising At College Football Games featured image

Football season is one of the most exciting times of year to be on a college campus. Students paint their faces, throw massive tailgate parties, and enjoy the comradery of cheering on their school in the student section of the stadium. But the college football craze doesn’t end after a fan graduates. Most alumni carry on their allegiance well into their later years by re-visiting their alma mater during football season and decking out their kids in fan gear. Often, entire family and friend groups get into the action regardless of whether or not they can call themselves alumni.

The question is, as a marketer, how can you use this devout allegiance to your benefit?

How Can I Advertise At College Football Games AND Get Noticed?

If you’re looking to target men, women, families, or even other athletes, NCAA advertising is a perfect choice for your campaign. There are over 35 bowl games in a single Division 1 NCCA football season. These games are not all played in the universities’ regular season stadiums, instead, to accommodate larger crowds, big games are played at NFL stadiums. The average USA football stadium holds between 70,000 and 100,000 fans, and that does not include the individuals watching from the comfort of their couches or favorite sports bar. Advertisers know that NCAA advertising is a gold mine, but with all of the competition out there, how can you get your ad noticed?

1. Be Visible Aerial advertising presents a perfect opportunity for advertisers looking to stand out from the crowd. By choosing an aerial banner, blimp, or sky writing campaign to address your message, your ad is bound to capture attention. Americans see over 5,000 advertisements each day. By presenting your message through a clear, memorable medium you’re more likely to be remembered.

2. Leverage Loyalty – College football fans are incredibly loyal. You’re not going to hear an Auburn alum yelling out “Roll Tide” to cheer on Alabama, the same way you’re not going to hear a Florida State Seminoles fan supporting the Florida Gators. Use this loyalty to your advantage. By identifying yourself with a certain team, their fan base will be more likely to buy your product. By dropping a team logo on your aerial banner, your campaign will generate buzz on the ground below.

3. Integrate Social Media – Each week, we look for social media engagement from consumers snapping photos of our client’s aerial banners. Our clients that choose to integrate a hashtag or some type of social media CTA typically get a response. When your audience is engaged enough to snap a photo of your banner and upload it to their respective networks – it means your campaign is working. Not only will your aerial banner get noticed, it will also get people talking. Plus, college students and parents are two of the top demographics for social media use.

It’s time to get started! With over 35 bowl games to choose from, along with its regular season schedule, the college football scene is an ultimate one if you want all eyes on your advertising campaign. Introducing aerial advertising to your college football marketing campaign is the difference between keeping up with the competition, and leaving them in the dust. By deciding to fly at bowl games, you will be choosing a cost-effective alternative to traditional media, and will also be associating your brand with some of the most loyal fans in the sporting industry. Don’t wait to get noticed, contact us today