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Make an eye-popping statement and maximize your brand exposure with Skytyping.

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What We Do

For longer, premium sky messages, this highly visual form of guerilla marketing quickly captivates crowds from beginning to end. Skytyping employs a fleet of five planes, flying in parallel formation, to create messages that can stretch several miles long. An onboard computer determines when special smoke is released to ensure precision accuracy. Skytyping is perfect for creating longer messages and ads typically remain visible for up 4 minutes.

Living Social Skytyping

Maximum Reach & Recall

Spectators are especially intrigued by the art of Skywriting. These eye-catching air messages are highly effective and have a high recall rate. Once the Skytyping begins, consumers on the ground can’t stop watching until it’s over.

Our experienced team will help craft the right message to leave your audience stunned and engaged with your brand. We offer the best pilots and equipment in the industry and provide marketing support to ensure that you pick the perfect time and location to reach your desired demographic.

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Benefits of Skytyping

Increased Visibility & Reach

When it comes to aerial advertising, Skytyping is a perfect example of using the broad sky as your billboard. Depending on your messaging, the characters used can be up to a mile long generating buzz, exposure, and millions of impressions.

Versatile & Adaptable

Skytyping is versatile and can be tailored between each take-off. Our expertly trained team of pilots ensures your message is delivered with precision and creates the most buzz for your campaign.


If you're looking to capture a large audience, Skytyping will grab people's attention with messages extending as much as 10,000 feet long, with each letter standing at approximately 1,250 feet from top to bottom.

Tecate Beer Skytyping

Most Popular Events


Skytyping can be deployed practically anywhere in the U.S. and is the perfect way to capture the attention of large groups of spectators.

  • Beaches
  • NFL
  • Music Festivals
  • Spring Break
  • MLB
  • Golf
  • GOTV
  • Marathons
  • NCAA Football
  • Stadiums
  • Soccer
  • State Fairs
  • ...and more!
  • Pride Celebrations

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