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Own the sky with a massive, high impact, full-color aerial billboard and eye-catching skywriting techniques, to reach audiences at the beach, major sporting events, music festivals, and more.

We offer a comprehensive range of aerial advertising services for brands and companies on a national, regional, and local scale, including:

Aerial Billboards

Expand your reach and attract your target customers with aerial billboards — perfect for the beach, major sporting events, music festivals, spring break, metro areas, college campuses…the sky’s the limit.

We provide customizable campaigns utilizing the largest messages in the clutter-free sky with logos, colors, visuals, and more. Our proprietary wrinkle-reducing technology ensures your message will look great and represent your brand in the right way to the crowd below.

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Land Shark Lager Aerial Advertising Billboard


Make an eye-popping statement with digital Skytyping. This highly visual aerial media captivates people from beginning to end with messages that are over half a mile long, at least 10,000 feet in the air and visible for over 10 miles. Our expertly trained team of pilots ensures your message is delivered with precision and creates the most buzz for your campaign.

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Terminal List Amazon - Skytyping


For shorter messages, Skywriting is a high-impact form of guerilla marketing in the sky. Acting as paintbrushes in the sky, our pilots perform a series of loops and turns to spell out each letter of your message or draw logos and shapes. It’s a one-of-a-kind way to share your message with the crowded streets below.

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Love Skywriting

Helicopter Banners

A spectacular and buzz-worthy option, flying helicopter signs ensure your brand stands out and makes a statement. Whether it’s a lingering cruise around a city or event, or a stunt to get your audience’s adrenaline pumping

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ABC Bachelorettes Aerial Billboard over New Jersey

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