3 Reasons To Choose Aerial Banner Advertising

April 24, 2015

3 Reasons To Choose Aerial Banner Advertising featured image


1. It’s Memorable

Aerial banner advertising is a prime choice for marketers looking to make a big statement at large outdoor events. Both minor and major brands choose banner advertising over MLB, NFL, NCAA games, as well as, music festivals, spring break destinations, and state fairs.

Why? Because aerial media breaks free from the clutter on the ground below and gets an advertiser’s message across in a clear, eye-catching fashion. Furthermore, 70% of stadium attendees remember seeing the messaging on a banner, that’s the highest percentage rate-of-recall of any traditional advertising medium.

There have been a variety of case studies conducted to determine the effectiveness of aerial advertising, and the studies all arrive at similar conclusions—it works because it is unique, compelling, and people are excited to look up and take notice.

2. It Allows You To Sponsor Any Event

Advertisers spend thousands of dollars on stadium naming rights and sponsorship deals. While sponsorships are suitable for some brands, they aren’t always a good fit for others. Aerial media provides solutions to both sponsors looking to elevate their involvement, and advertisers looking to simulate sponsorship exposure at an event.

Let’s say you are sponsoring the San Francisco Giants, by flying repeated aerial advertisements before and after the game, fans will be aware of your brand even when they’re not in the stadium. Now let’s imagine that you are a local car dealership looking to sponsor summer fun in your region. By flying the Giants games along with local beaches and state fairs, you will drastically improve brand recall and capture the attention of consumers when they are in a happy state of mind.

The beauty of aerial advertising is its flexibility to target various events and audiences. Just remember that whether you’re extending a sponsorship or doing a one-off flight, you want a big message and ideally one that ties into the event for maximum impact. Try to stick to just a little text with large, bold images to ensure that your message is seen by and resonates with your target audience.

3. It’s Cost-Effective

The costs associated with a major marketing campaign quickly add up. Traditional channels such as television, radio and print ads are often very expensive relative to a four-hour airplane banner flight that engages your prospects and customers at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

Advertising costs at major sporting events like the Super Bowl are typically somewhere in the millions. You can produce your banner and fly it all across the country at major events for a small fraction of the cost of a traditional marketing campaign. Furthermore, you can use your airplane ad to complement an existing campaign or run a regional promotion. Ask us about our proprietary snipes which allow us to tailor the messaging on your banner toward a specific audience or region.

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