3 Steps To Building Brand Awareness With Aerial Advertising

March 4, 2014

3 Steps To Building Brand Awareness With Aerial Advertising featured image

Aerial advertising can be used in nearly every market to build brand awareness and separate your message from other brands / advertisers.

With high-flying banners, businesses can target specific events or locations, such as beaches, concerts and sporting events. There are no exclusivity issues with aerial marketing, so you don’t have to play by the rules of a venue or event sponsors. The Federal Aviation Administration regulates flight-related issues, but as far as the message and brand goes, it’s free game.

Guess Aerial Billboard over Stadium

Say Gatorade is sponsoring a marathon and Powerade wants to have awareness at the event. Using aerial advertising, Powerade could introduce its own marketing at Gatorade’s marathon. That kind of stunt would be sure to turn more than a few heads.

The truth is, markets have become very saturated with digital media, signage, fliers — you name it — and consumers are sick of it. Aerial advertising has the power to elevate a brand away from all of that clutter and promote messaging in a clutter-free and clear space.

People tend to take the same travel routes when they go about their day-to-day activities. Every day, they walk or drive past the same signs, the same benches and the same advertising. They become immune to it all because they expect the same scenery each time they travel.

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Here are three steps to use aerial advertising to build brand awareness in specific markets.

1) Grab attention: When people hear noise overhead, they look up even if they know it’s an airplane or helicopter. Since the sky is so vast, people always secretly hope they’ll look up and see Superman or some other kind of unusual phenomenon.

When a banner comes across the sky, people will look at it, regardless of whether they want to see an ad or not. That’s what aerial advertising does so effectively:

Whether you want to see it or not, you’ll look. It’s human nature.

2) Keep the attention: People have short attention spans. You don’t buy a magazine to look at the ads. You may see an ad, but by the time you turn the page, your eyes are focused on what’s next. The same goes for social media marketing. If you’re scrolling through Facebook, you’re more interested in your newsfeed than anything else. People are constantly jumping from one piece of content to another, whether it’s the next page in the magazine, the next status update or the next television ad. With increasing amounts of content for people to consume, they will dedicate less and less of their attention to each piece.

With aerial advertising, however, you can keep the consumer’s focus. When you see an aerial banner in the sky, there’s nothing else next to it to grab your attention. If you’re hanging out on the beach or tailgating before a big game, you’re not going to see many banners flying around. When it happens, you’re focused on this one thing, and you’re going to remember it for a while. You may even tell people about it later. Once the banner has passed, people will continue on their way, but aerial advertising holds people’s attention far better than the barrage of ads in other channels.

3) Tailor the message: The content of the message will depend on what the business is trying to accomplish and what the venue is. Some companies tend to strike a more serious or businesslike tone in their advertisements because they’re trying to reach a specific demographic. Others, meanwhile, use comedy to make their mark.

Speaking of “tailoring” a message, aerial advertising also allows a brand to target specific demographics and event audiences that might align with their product or service.  Starting a new gym?  Target marathons, obstacle races, and endurance events, with no barriers to entry.  Launching a new energy drink?  Target extreme sports events, NASCAR, and beaches.  Aerial advertising can bring your brand wherever it needs to be.

Aerial advertising is a unique and effective way to get the word out about your company, product or service. It has an unparalleled ability to effectively reach massive amounts and most importantly, leave lasting effect on that audience. 

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