3 Top Aerial Advertising Formats That Increase Product Recall

June 3, 2014

3 Top Aerial Advertising Formats That Increase Product Recall featured image

When consumers think of a product or service, you want your brand to be so ingrained in their minds that yours is the first one they think about.

Aerial advertising presents one-of-a-kind opportunities for maintaining a high-impact, visible presence with options that are sure to increase product recall, such as using an advertising blimp or aerial banners on a fixed-wing aircraft. The types and styles you use depend on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Some companies choose to go flashy with elaborate designs and shapes, while others keep it simple. Here are examples of three aerial advertising formats that increase product recall.

1.) Traditional Banners


Traditional banners are a tried and true way of reaching large audiences. They’re low cost and easily reusable. Once you’ve made the initial investment, all you pay for is the cost of using the airplane!

You don’t gain nearly as much mileage from more traditional media such as print, radio or TV.  Plus these media are much more costly: at least $200k for a 30 second TV spot (that will likely fall victim to the DVR), and good creative direct mail comes in at at least $450 per thousand mailed. With an airplane banner, though, you’re able to fly your ad all over the country, it will be new to someone every time, and it is impervious to DVRs.

2. Die-Cut Banners

Snapple die cut aerial billboard

Die-cut banners are a unique way to reach consumers. It’s sort of a twist on the traditional banner. Die-cut banners have a nearly transparent backdrop, creating the illusion that images are free-floating across the sky. Only the necessary images are visible from the ground. It draws attention straight to your brand, which is your ultimate goal with any advertising.

Snapple has a die-cut banner it uses on beaches that always draws plenty of attention. It takes the familiar shape of Snapple’s bottle and puts a twist on it. The bottle is “wearing” a cape, and thanks to the die-cut technology, it looks like the Snapple bottle is flying across the sky like Superman.  If your brand has a strong icon this is an excellent aerial solution.

3.) Blimps

DirecTV Blimp over Alabama Stadium

Advertising blimps fill many different roles. Think of them as aerial billboards—giant, in-your-face advertisements that can be positioned anywhere they’re needed, day or night. Blimps light up at night, so they make an incredible impact when it’s dark outside. You’re able to fly them just about anywhere your customers are, and there’s absolutely no way people are going to miss them floating in the sky.

Yet blimps are much more than aerial billboards. They’re highly effective for on-site event sponsorship or integration into a broadcast, such as those for sporting events. Plus, since blimps don’t have to keep moving at the speed that airplanes do, blimp advertising keeps your product or service’s message in view for hours.

With a blimp, viewers can’t escape your product’s message when it is integrated into the broadcast. Television stations will typically show a full-body shot of a blimp from on the ground, in addition to mentioning it verbally in the broadcast. If someone’s watching a sporting event, they’re not likely to fast-forward past the aerial coverage plug. The people on the ground, tailgating in the parking lot and in the stadium are going to see it. In short, blimps guarantee an engaged audience by delivering maximum advertising impact.

No Matter What You Choose, You Have Thier Attention

Whatever format of aerial advertising you choose, you’ll know that it’s grabbing and holding your target audience’s attention. People are bombarded constantly with traditional and digital advertising. At some point, they just tune out. Aerial advertising, on the other hand, is novel and unique, which is key to getting people to notice and remember your brand.

Get ready to take your brand’s advertising message to new heights!