4 Places You Can Find – And Market To – High Net Worth Individuals

May 20, 2014

4 Places You Can Find – And Market To – High Net Worth Individuals featured image

Certain events and places tend to draw people with a high net worth, ensuring advertisers are able to reach that demographic with aerial marketing.

High net worth individuals are obviously attractive to target because they have a large amount of disposable income. Affluent consumers are used to being bombarded by businesses via direct mail, telemarketing and TV/Cable advertising campaigns trying to get them to spend their money. Those saturated channels make aerial advertising a great platform for reaching them. It allows brands to break out from the crowd and deliver a succinct message.

When seeking to target a niche market like affluent consumers, it’s critical to ensure your airplane banner represents your brand well. Don’t use too many words or letters, because your message won’t be clear. The banner should reflect what the brand looks like and relay the message to high net worth individuals. For iconic brands a simple die-cut banner of the brand’s image or mascot can work brilliantly (and solidify brand awareness).

Here are three locations where you’re able to find — and market to — affluent customers.


1.) Art Basel in Miami Beach

The world’s premier modern and contemporary art show is held in North America every December, with other shows in Paris and Hong Kong. First held in 1970, Art Basel takes place in the Miami Beach Convention Center and features more than 500,000 square feet of exhibit space.

Only the top artists from around the world are invited to participate in this showcase, making it one of the top art venues in the world. Last year, Art Basel attracted about 75,000 people during the five-day show, and most of them have a high net worth. Aerial allows you to be seen by all those people several times over the duration of the show, helping to ensure high recall rates.

Avion Aerial Billboard South Beach

2.) South Beach, Florida

High-end resorts dot the Florida coast, making it a good place to find upper-class consumers. One of the big advantages of aerial is that every flight route is customizable. If you only want to target resorts where the affluent stay, aerial allows you to do just that. Also consider doing research by ZIP code to target specific neighborhoods with higher property values and household income.  Bloomberg/Business Week published an excellent article on the Wealthiest Towns in  America that contains some pretty eye-popping demographic information.

811 Call Dig Aerial Billboard

3.) Hollywood, California

Aerial advertising is uniquely positioned in that you’re able to specifically reach out to the Hollywood elite in Southern California. Set up routes that target studios to reach the actors and other high-end clientele who work there every day. Aerial ensures you have the power to zero in on the “it” crowd and build awareness around your product or service.

Helicopter Stunt GI Joe

4.)  Long Island/Fire Island/Hamptons

The people who live in this area do so because they love the ocean and spend a great deal of their time at the beach. Some of the wealthiest people in the world spend time here (if they don’t live here year round) each summer. An aerial advertising campaign starting in Manhattan all the way to Montauk and back will give your brand high impact exposure to customers and prospects alike.

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If the affluent audience is what you’re after, consider adding aerial advertising into your marketing mix. No one can resist reading a flying banner and it’s the most cost-effective and high-impact way to reach a large number of high net worth individuals.


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