Top Benefits of Airship Advertising | Van Wagner Aerial

November 25, 2014

Top Benefits of Airship Advertising | Van Wagner Aerial featured image

1. They’re Unique


There are only 25 airships in the entire world, and there are only 7 operating in the United States. Goodyear currently has 3 operating in the U.S., MetLife has 2, and then there is the DIRECTV and Hood blimps which are often seen in the northeastern states. 

2. Powerful Impressions


Impressions generated with an airship are more powerful than other mediums. “The more extraordinary the experience or atypical the location or surface, the larger the impression on the target.” – Robyn Blakeman – Associate Professor, School of Advertising & Public Relations – University of Tennessee. 

3. They’re Multi-Faceted Advertising Powerhouses


Unlike any other advertising platform, airships can reach the target audience in a variety of different ways:

  • Aerial Exposure
  • TV Broadcast Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Event Marketing
  • Sponsorship Activation
  • PR & Earned Media – Print/Radio/TV/Digital
  • On Ground Activation – Landing Parties/Ground Teams/Sampling
  • Philanthropic Endeavors
  • Corporate Hospitality – Rides
  • Internal Engagement
  • Brand Awareness

4. They Cement Brand Authority


An airship is a large and powerful media platform that imputes a sense of size, power and quality around the brand. People assume that only the largest stable and powerful brands can afford an airship.

5. They’re Extremely Portable


An airship program can achieve a brand’s objectives, whatever they are:

  • Long or short term campaigns. Sustained branding and promotional tours, or short tactical programs.Campaigns can be designed to be international, national, regional or local.
  • The airship and branding can be positioned where it is needed, when it is needed, day or night.
  • While the perception is that an airship campaign is expensive, the average blimp campaign for 1 month, comprising 120 flight hours (that’s 432,000 seconds), is much less expensive than one 30 second commercial on Sunday Night Football. That 30 second commercial can be avoided by consumers using DVR technology. A blimp is impossible to miss.
  • In addition, during broadcast integrations the blimp is seen during the telecast, so it cannot be missed by viewers at home.
  • Because an airship is such a huge visible presence for a brand, it becomes a lightning rod for all other brand activities. Thus it becomes a brand icon and an ambassador, creating significant internal engagement within a company.
  • The real estate on the blimp enables a brand to be highly creative with its artwork design. Despicablimp (pictured above) is an example that generated massive attention from people on the ground.
  • New technologies such as the LED Lightsign and social media enable the blimp to communicate directly with consumers in real time, influencing consumer behavior and generating buzz.
  • The blimp brings a brand to live, giving it a personality and creating touch points where the consumers can get up close and personal with the blimp, the brand and the message. This creates once in a lifetime experiences and memories that last over time. Consumers will have an overwhelming affinity and loyalty to the brand.


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