5 Steps To Building Brand Awareness With Aerial Advertising

October 22, 2015

5 Steps To Building Brand Awareness With Aerial Advertising featured image


Aerial advertising can be used in almost every market to build brand awareness and separate your message from everyone else’s. With high-flying banners, businesses can target specific events or locations, such as beaches, concerts and sporting events. There are no exclusivity issues with aerial marketing, so you don’t have to play by the rules of a venue or event sponsors. The FAA regulates flight-related issues, but as far as the message and brand goes, it won’t prevent businesses from targeting a concert or other event. Looking to rise above the monotony? Here are five steps to use aerial advertising to build brand awareness in specific markets.

1. Grab their attention:

When people hear noise overhead, they look up even if they know it’s an airplane or helicopter. When a banner comes across the sky, people will look at it, regarless of whether they want to see an ad or not. That’s what aerial advertising does so effectively, whether you want to or not, you will look up.

2. Keep their attention:

People have short attention spans. You don’t buy a magazine to look at the ads. The same goes for social media marketing. If you’re scrolling through Facebook, you’re more interested in your newsfeed than anything else. With increasing amounts of content for people to consume, they dedicate less and less of their attention to each piece.

With aerial advertising, however, you can keep the consumer’s focus. When you see an aerial banner in the sky, you’re going to remember it for a while. Once the banner or blimp has passed, people will continue on their way, but aerial advertising holds people’s attention far better than other advertising channels and has better recall.

Blue Moon aerial billboard

3. Tailor the message:

The content of the message will depend on what the business is trying to accomplish and what the venue is. Whatever approach you use, it’s important to take into consideration the event and its match to your target persona(s).

Sunburnt aerial billboard

4. Complement your campaign:

Aerial advertising allows businesses to have a well-rounded marketing campaign. Most businesses will have a presence digitally and on the ground with some kind of print advertisement or activation and aerial is the last piece of the puzzle when developing an effective initiative to raise brand awareness.

DirectV blimp over stadium

5. It’s part of the action: 

Blimps offer a unique opportunity to partner with broadcasters that no other advertising medium can rival. Broadcasting major sporting or cultural events often requires aerial coverage. For the PGA, airships are the only way to get aerial shots. These sophisticated airships come fitted with a very high-tech, high-definition broadcast quality camera system, which is linked to the ground. It sends images taken above a stadium or an event to a broadcaster’s production truck on the ground. This allows for brand visibility overhead for those at a major stadium or event, PLUS it provides an on-screen presence for the advertiser. Generally, broadcasters will give a 10-second, live shot of the blimp coupled with verbal acknowledgement of the sponsor.

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