Advertise At The Super Bowl For A Fraction Of The Price

December 16, 2014

It’s almost that time of year again. No, we’re not talking about the holidays. It’s Super Bowl season! Advertisers are gearing up for THE most expensive domestic advertising event of the year. Millions of dollars will be spent on Super Bowl advertising in 2015, and there’s a pretty good chance that many of the ads will be skipped over by the DVR. So, how can your brand get noticed and allow you to still get the most bang for your buck? It’s simple, aerial advertising.

Take a moment, and imagine your company’s name written out in massive letters above the stadium. Sky writing delivers a larger-than-life message that guarantees impressions from consumers on the ground below. It’s not just an aerial billboard, it’s an air show! During sky writing 5 (or more) planes fly in a formation flight spurting out puffs of smoke to eventually spell out a message. Consumers are awed by the aerial display in the sky above. From the moment the first puff of smoke leaves the plane’s exhaust, everyone wants to know what it’s going to say. And, most importantly, sky writing comes in at a fraction of the price of traditional Super Bowl media buys.

Now, imagine your brand’s messaging floating gracefully above the crowds on an aerial banner. This form of aerial advertising allows you to get a longer message across and delivers a big impact. Did you know? 89% percent of stadium attendees remember seeing an aerial banner and 79% of them can remember what brand or product was being advertised. The CPM value of aerial advertising compared to traditional Super Bowl media can’t be beat. We offer the biggest and most vibrant aerial banners in the industry. Our proprietary wrinkle-reducing technology is an apparent step up from our competitors. Ask us to show you a side by side comparison. Once you purchase an aerial banner, it can be flown time and time again guaranteeing your return-on-investment.

Lastly, there is the ever iconic blimp. These gentle behemoths can be found floating above the biggest events of the year. But they’re not just aerial billboards – they’re advertising powerhouses that demand presence in the sky above. Known for their coverage of major live sporting events, blimps are often featured during the broadcast, sky-rocketing impressions from the viewers at home. Van Wagner Airship Group LLC owns the majority of advertising blimps in the world today, including but not limited to, the MetLife, Hood, and DIRECTV blimps.