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August 12, 2014

Effective Baseball Advertising at MLB Games | Van Wagner Aerial featured image


Baseball has been a hallmark of American culture since the early 1920s. Dubbed as America’s Favorite Pastime, few sports evoke the same level of nostalgia as the game of baseball. Major League Baseball alone has over 177 million diverse fans, making the game an attractive target for advertisers. In fact, over the years, baseball has become far more than just a game.

An excerpt from the “Baseball As America” exhibit states, “For many people, baseball is a game; for some it’s a passion; and for others it’s a philosophy. But, for a significant number of people, baseball is a business. What began as an informal ball game has now evolved into a complex economic web involving franchises, players, fans, cities, media conglomerates, advertisers, sports equipment manufacturers, vendors and countless others.”

Complex is a key word in the quote above. If you’re considering launching an advertising campaign geared toward MLB baseball fans, you need to evaluate your options. Here are a few pros and cons you should consider:

PRO – Baseball fans are loyal. By associating your brand with their favorite team, you will be nurturing brand allegiance from a vast demographic of consumers.

PRO – You’ll have a seasonal advantage. Baseball is unique in that for much of the nine-month season, you do not have to share its fan base with other big spectator-sports; like hockey and basketball.

CON – Baseball advertising can be very pricey. According to one article, the Baltimore Orioles alone charge a minimum of $30,000 for any large sign placed anywhere in the stadium and a $50,000 minimum for any ad shown anywhere in the seating area. At Camden Yards, ad prices can reach up to $750,000.

CON – You’re going to have a lot of competition. As soon as a fan parks his or her car in the parking lot, they become surrounded by a variety of advertisements. Ads aren’t just appearing on the large LED screens, they’re also found on apparel, beer cups, and free giveaways like the popular bobble head dolls.

You’re probably asking yourself, “How can I afford to run this campaign and have it be effective?” The answer is simple: aerial advertising. Whether it be aerial banners, blimps, or sky writing, aerial advertising at MLB games is a cost-effective, high-impact option to get your brand really noticed.

Why Choose Aerial Advertising at MLB Games?

1. Visibility – Fans love tailgating at MLB games. That means your aerial ad will undoubtedly get the attention of an engaged, captive audience. Since most stadiums are roofless, even the fans that have ventured inside early will still see your ad.

2. Rate of Recall – Get noticed and remembered. Americans see approximately 5,000 advertisements a day, and that’s a lot of competition. But with aerial advertising, your ad can fly above all the clutter. In fact, according to a report by Arbitron, 84% of consumers recall aerial messaging at stadiums, and 9 out of 10 stadium attendees’ recall seeing an aerial banner.

3. Campaign Integration – It’s easy to complement an aerial campaign with another campaign you’re running. Want to get a boost on social engagement? Put a hashtag on your aerial banner. Want to get more foot traffic at your beverage tent at the game? Reinforce your messaging with an aerial ad flying above.

4. Low Cost Per Mille – The cost per mille, or CPM, is a metric used to calculate the cost of every 1,000 views on an advertisement. Compared to traditional advertising, an aerial ad’s CPM is substantially lower. For example, the CPM of a magazine advertisement ranges from $8 to $20, but for aerial advertising it comes in at only $4.12!

It’s time to step up to the plate with aerial advertising. If you think your brand is a good fit, Van Wagner Aerial Media is here to help you get started! Click below to get your free quote or contact us today.