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Airplane Advertising with Van Wagner Aerial

Welcome to Van Wagner Aerial Media – your premier destination for nationwide aerial advertising excellence! As the sole truly national aerial advertising company, we soar above the rest, increasing your brand visibility in cities and markets across the country.

Our specially engineered banner-towing planes are designed for maximum impact, flying your aerial billboard ads angled toward the ground and at slower speeds, ensuring an unforgettable viewing experience.



Why Choose Van Wagner Aerial Media?

Wrinkle-Reducing Technology: We prioritize the aesthetics of your airplane banner. Our innovative wrinkle-reducing technology stabilizes the banner, keeping it in pristine condition and ensuring complete legibility throughout its flights.

Maximum Impact: Modified for additional drag, our planes tow the largest sky banners in the industry, guaranteeing your message stands out in the sky. Partnering with Van Wagner Aerial Media means your aerial message is delivered professionally and with unmatched visibility.

GPS Tracking Reports: For your peace of mind, we provide all clients with GPS tracking reports for each flight. Stay informed and assured that your aerial advertising campaign is reaching its intended audience.

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Additional Aerial Advertising Benefits:

  • Sky Banner Quality and Options: Our banners are built to last, enduring multiple flights and saving you both time and money. Choose from the industry’s largest variety of banner sizes, with aerial billboards offering up to 8,500 square feet of advertising space!
  • Expert Consulting: With over 25 years of experience in the aerial advertising industry, our team provides invaluable insight into your banner creative, flight route options, and overall campaign execution. Benefit from our expertise to elevate the effectiveness of your aerial advertising strategy.
  • The Van Wagner Difference: Our name is synonymous with outdoor advertising success. Clients return to us because our professionalism and commitment to your campaign go above and beyond the norm.


Ready to elevate your brand with impactful aerial advertising? Our dedicated aerial advertising coordinators are standing by to answer your questions and provide a free consultation. Fill out the form now, and let’s take your message to new heights!


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