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Aerial Advertising In Detroit

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Known by its nickname as the “Motor City,” Detroit also happens to be the largest city in Michigan. Thriving with culture, Detroit is considered influential in both the automobile and music industries and attracts visitors from across the United States.

With its vast and diverse population and variety of outdoor attractions, Detroit is the quintessential city to promote your business using an aerial billboard. Aerial advertising in Detroit is a strategic way to capture the attention of sports fans, festival-goers, or consumers at any major outdoor event that is aligned to attract your target marketing demographics.

For instance, many tourists and natives come together to celebrate the annual Labor Day Detroit Jazz Festival, to support their favorite sports teams, and to explore the history of the city.  Let us help enhance your brand’s awareness through our expertise in aerial advertising.  Together we can capture the attention of all these opportunities and more!

Aerial banners create a buzz of excitement around any outdoor event, ensuring that your brand will be noticed and remembered. In fact, aerial advertising has a 70% rate-of-recall, the highest of any outdoor advertising media option. Ask us how to get started today!

Why Choose Van Wagner Aerial Media?

Van Wagner Aerial Media’s primary objective is to get your brand noticed and ultimately create revenue opportunities for your company. As the only truly national aerial advertising company, we can deliver campaigns of scale, flying the largest banners in markets across the country.  If you’re a regional brand, we can fly multiple markets in tandem, successfully targeting your primary marketing demographics in multiple locations.

With over six decades of experience, we bring extensive knowledge and expertise to the table.  Our pilots are FAA certified and have gone through our own testing and qualification measures, ensuring that your banner’s messaging is delivered safely and effectively.  We are also the only operator that has dedicated account managers, that work hand-in-hand with clients ensuring your needs and wants are met.  All of our account managers are well-versed in the best events, locations, and times to fly, and are able to create fully customizable campaigns.

Van Wagner Aerial Media flies the biggest banners in the sky, and our proprietary wrinkle-reducing technology ensures maximum visibility on the ground below. We also fly our banners with a tilt, creating an easier viewing experience. This enhances legibility and creates a longer lasting impression on our audiences.  Once your see our banner flying next to one of our competitors you will know the difference.  Why invest in an aerial billboard if your audience can’t read it?

Additionally, we offer a vast range of banner sizes, fully-customizable to fit your campaign’s needs.
By choosing Van Wagner Aerial Media, you will not only receive the premier product in the industry, you will also be partnering with the industry experts that will make sure your campaign is a success. If you want to advertise your company name over a ball field, expose it to consumers at a festival, or even display it to people sitting in traffic, aerial advertising can deliver the message for you!

We Can Help You Choose The Best Events For Aerial Advertising In Detroit

If you have questions about the cost of an aerial banner, sky typing, sky writing, or helicopter banner campaign in Detroit or any other inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Just click below for your free aerial advertising quote!

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