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Michigan’s tourists spend over 17 billion dollars per year in the state, making it one of the busiest tourist spots in the entire country. Vacationers, hunters and nature enthusiasts alike are drawn to Michigan’s forests and thousands of miles of beaches. The Tulip Time Festival is the largest tulip festival in the U.S., and the National Cherry Festival alone draws well over 500,000 attendees every year. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to showcase your brand in front of these happy, massive crowds with airplane banners, sky typing, sky writing, helicopter banners, and much more!

Michigan is one of the most vibrant outdoor states in the country, ranking number one in licensed hunters who contribute over 2 billion dollar per year to its economy. The famous Great Lakes provide thousands of miles of beach fronts that draw in enormous crowds, eager to soak up the sun. What better way to target all of these nature enthusiasts than with aerial advertising? Van Wagner Aerial Media can help bring your advertising goals to life with a variety of blimps, banners, sky-written messages and so much more.

Don’t miss out on opportunities to fly your airplane banner over some of Michigan’s biggest outdoor events.

Michigan also has the highest number of golf courses in the country and thousands flock to play their favorite game. College football at the University of Michigan and Michigan State are hugely popular events; Michigan stadium alone can hold over 100,000 spectators. From NASCAR to the NHL, from the MLB to the NFL, sports are a staple of Michigan culture. Be sure to capitalize on these events with aerial advertisements! Make sure your brand is the center of attention wherever the crowds may be!

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