Aerial Advertising Myrtle Beach

Premier Airplane And Blimp Advertising Services In Myrtle Beach

Van Wagner Aerial Media performs banner towingsky writingblimp campaigns, and more over the popular coastal city of Myrtle Beach. If you’re looking for the premier aerial advertiser in Myrtle Beach, you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks to its beautiful coastline and subtropical climate, Myrtle Beach attracts tourists from all over the United States and the world. How can you capture the attention of the approximately 14 million people that flock to Myrtle Beach each year? Aerial advertising presents a unique and eye-catching opportunity to rise above the competition and really get noticed.


Van Wagner Aerial Media can help you plan your aerial advertising campaign in Myrtle Beach from start to finish. We have decades of aerial advertising experience and fly the biggest and best-looking aerial banners in the industry. Our highly-trained pilots fly specially modified planes that allow our banners to be towed at an angle – ensuring a wrinkle-free presentation and optimal viewing for spectators on the ground below.

We Can Help You Choose The Best Events For Aerial Advertising In Myrtle Beach

  • Major Holidays
  • Myrtle Beach Music Festivals, Concerts
  • Myrtle Beach Beaches, Boardwalks
  • Myrtle Beach Theme Parks
  • Myrtle Beach State Fairs, Parks, Markets
  • Myrtle Beach Sporting Events

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