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Georgia Airplane Banners, Skytyping, Skywriting

Looking to promote your brand with aerial advertising over Georgia? Van Wagner Aerial Media is the premier aerial advertising provider in the nation. Our aerial banner towing planes, skytyping, and skywriting pilots are fixtures in the South and will bring your brand to life over some of Georgia’s most popular tourist sites and sporting events.

Tourists from all over the country come to Georgia to see the Atlanta Falcons (NFL), the Atlanta Hawks (NBA) and the Atlanta Braves (MLB). The Master’s golf tournament, NASCAR events and NCAA events are also immensely popular and attract countless viewers. There are few events better suited for aerial media than sporting events, where tens of thousands of spectators have no choice but to notice your brand flying through the sky.

Sports aside, Georgia is known for its peaches, national parks, historic sites and music festivals. Stone Mountain alone attracts four million tourists a year; Counterpoint Music Festival showcases the biggest names in music and draws huge crowds.

Since many of Georgia’ attractions are outdoors, airplane banners, sky writing and other forms of aerial media are an ideal way to cement your brand in the minds of consumers. The sky is yours to use, let Van Wagner Aerial Media help bring your sky advertising campaign to life! Contact us today, or quick below for your free quote.


We Can Help You Choose The Best Events For Aerial Advertising In Georgia:

  • Major Holidays
  • Georgia Music Festivals, Concerts
  • Georgia Beaches, Boardwalks
  • Georgia Theme Parks
  • Georgia State Fairs, Parks, Markets
  • Georgia Sporting Events

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