Aerial Advertising West Palm Beach

We Offer The Best Airplane Advertising Services In West Palm Beach

Van Wagner Aerial Media is the number one choice for advertisers looking to fly an airplane banner in West Palm Beach. Sitting just over an hour north of Downtown Miami, West Palm Beach is one of the oldest cities in Florida. With its tropical climate and breathtaking shoreline, it is a perfect place for marketers looking to run an aerial advertising campaign.

Our banner planes are regulars in the West Palm Beach market, we’ve flown over the area’s most popular music festivals and concerts, outdoor fairs, beaches, and sporting events.

Van Wagner Aerial Media has the biggest and best aerial banners in the industry. Our airplanes have been specially modified to tow banners at an angle allowing for easier visibility on the ground below. By choosing Van Wagner Aerial Media you will receive a dedicated account manager that can provide you with advice on your banner’s creative, as well as insight into West Palm Beaches’ key locations to fly.

We Can Help You Choose The Best Events For Aerial Advertising In West Palm Beach

  • Major Holidays
  • West Palm Music Festivals, Concerts
  • West Palm Beaches, Boardwalks
  • West Palm Theme Parks
  • West Palm Parks, Markets
  • West Palm Sporting Events

If you have questions about the cost of a banner towing plane in West Palm Beach or any other inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Or click below for your free aerial advertising quote!

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