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October 16, 2023

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What is a sky banner?

A sky banner is a large format aerial billboard typically pulled, or towed, behind a fixed-wing banner towing plane. Sky banners and aerial advertising campaigns can be flown by small, medium, and large brands and individuals looking to raise awareness in a certain region or area. These eye-popping airplane messages create the most impact over large crowds. Commonly, advertisers choose to fly sky banners over beaches, sporting events, state fairs, and other areas where people choose to gather outdoors. Other forms of aerial advertising include sky typingsky writing, and helicopter banners.

How much does a sky banner cost?

The aerial advertising campaign costs using a plane advertising banner varies from flight to flight depending on several factors:

Size of the sky banner

Advertising airplane banners range in weight and size. Van Wagner Aerial Media has the largest banners in the industry and the biggest selection to choose campaign size from. Our banner sizes include:

40 X 80 feet
30 X 100 feet
50 X 100 feet
65 X 130 feet
Custom Die Cut

Aerial banners cost vary with the square footage of the banner. However, once the aerial banner is created, it can be flown time and again over exciting events in cities and states across the nation. Think of it as your brand’s own customizable aerial billboard. If you are looking for the cost of a ‘Will You Marry Me?’ personal banner, the kind that has letters streaming behind a plane, we can help with this too.

Click here for a free quote analysis of your aerial advertising needs. We can also do a custom proposal for your specific flight campaign size demand if none of the sizes above fit your needs. 

Frequency and duration of flight

These are the main factors when determining aerial advertising cost.

A higher frequency of flights means that the advertisement will be seen by massive audiences aside from your target market, increasing the overall exposure of the message. However, this also translates to a higher cost, as the aerial advertising company will need to allocate more resources, such as fuel, pilots, and aircraft maintenance, to accommodate the increased number of flights. In relation, cost of weekend flights differ from weekday fights.

When it comes to fuel, a 2 hour flight will be less costly per hour than a 4 hour flight. We can help you determine the exact market that is best for your ad, the perfect event to fly over, and from there, determine the most effective flight schedule. Want to find out the cost of hiring a banner towing plane? Contact us today! We provide free aerial assessments to all interested parties.

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Given all these factors, how much does it cost, really?

What types of materials are used for banners flying behind a plane?

We commonly use a lightweight solid material for the production of our plane banners as it is durable, resistant to fading, and does not cause too much drag on the plane. Our banners are made out of the strongest and highest quality materials the industry has to offer. In order to not give out our secret recipe for airplane banner creation, please contact us with your banner production questions.

What makes Van Wagner Aerial Media’s banners different?

All of our aerial banners include proprietary anti-wrinkle technology. We are the only aerial advertiser in the business that sew a pipe, or wind tunnel, into the top of our banners per flight – allowing them to fly smoothly with complete legibility from spectators on the ground below. When you look at one of our banners flying next to a competitor’s you can really see the difference!

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What types of planes are used to tow banners?

Commonly, single reciprocating engine aircraft are used for fixed-wing banner towing and beach flights. Planes in the Piper Cub family are popular options, as well as Citabrias, and Cessna 150s and 172-180. For more information on what kinds of planes tow banners, click here. You can see these types of fixed-wing banner towing planes flying over Florida beaches, New Jersey beaches, California beaches, as well as large-scale events in cities across the nation.


What is the ROI of sky ads?

One of aerial banner towing’s greatest traits is its ability to deliver a message in a clutter-free environment. Because of the lack of competition in the sky, and the high number of impressions it delivers, aerial advertising has a higher ROI than you might think. Did you know? 88% of people recall the aerial advertisement they saw, and 79% know exactly what product was advertised. That is why aerial advertising rates the highest rate of recall out of any media option. Aerial advertising is also one of the only media buys, besides Super Bowl commercials, that can reach over a million people instantly AND there’s no chance of your aerial ad being skipped over by the DVR.

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