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As the 16th largest state and 15th most populous out of the 50, Arizona is a melting pot of different ethnicities and backgrounds. In fact, 29.6% of the state’s population is Hispanic, making Arizona an ideal location for targeting the rapidly growing Hispanic demographic. Tourism is also booming in Arizona. With its many tourist attractions including the Grand Canyon, outdoor adventures, golfing, shopping and family getaways sites, Arizona is a prime location for getting the attention of travelers.

Since many of Arizona’s biggest tourist offerings are outdoors, it only makes sense that marketers utilize aerial advertising to get their attention. As the premier aerial advertising operator in Arizona, we can execute your aerial ad campaign with professionalism and ease. Our offerings include airplane advertising via aerial billboards, skytyping, skywriting, and helicopter banners.

Popular Cities For Aerial Advertising In Arizona Include:

Phoenix – Population: 1,513,367
Tucson – Population: 526,116
Mesa – Population: 427, 587
Chandler – Population: 249, 146
Glendale – Population: 234,632
Gilbert – Population: 229, 972
Scottsdale – Population: 226, 918
Tempe – Population: 168, 228
Peoria – Population: 162, 592
Surprise – Population: 123, 546

Lake Havasu

Aerial Advertising At Lake Havasu, Arizona – Spring Break

Each year, Lake Havasu is infiltrated with spring breakers looking to relax post-exam season. Priding itself on being one of the best boating lakes in the Southwest, Lake Havasu is known for being one of the top spring break destinations in the United States. Thousands of college students from across the U.S. and Canada partake in Lake Havasu’s sandbar parties and lakeside beach blowouts each year.

If you are looking for a way to target college students with your marketing campaign, aerial advertising is an ideal way to get noticed above Lake Havasu, Arizona. Your ad will rise above the competition, in a clutter-free environment.

We Can Help You Choose The Best Events For Aerial Advertising In Arizona

  • Major Holidays
  • Arizona Music Festivals, Concerts
  • Arizona Beaches, Boardwalks
  • Arizona Theme Parks
  • Arizona Parks, Markets
  • Arizona Sporting Events
  • And More…

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