Blimp Advertising Rates | FAQ

August 11, 2014

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Van Wagner Airship GroupWho makes the blimps for advertising?

If you’re looking for an active promotional blimp advertising operator that you can potentially partner with, you’re in the right place. Van Wagner Airship Group owns and operates 8 of the 13 active airships in the world today. Some of our most famous blimps include the MetLife blimp, the HP Hood blimp, and the DirecTV blimp.

What are the different advertising options for blimps?

Blimps come in all shapes and sizes. There are inflatable advertising blimps that range from 6 feet to 30 feet and can be used indoors and outdoors, depending on the size of your venue. There are also remote control blimps (rc blimps) that often fall somewhere between 11 and 20 feet. These types of small advertising blimps are a decent option for a one-time flight above an event like a grand opening.

But if you’re looking for a long-term blimp advertising option that will skyrocket your brand awareness and put your brand on par with some of the biggest advertisers in the industry, you should choose one of the following airships:

A-60+ – If you’re looking for a smaller blimp that still makes a massive impact, the A-60+ is a good choice for you. At a length of approximately 130 feet long, the A-60+ is one of the most popular options for advertisers. This airship has a limbach/90 engine and can seat approximately 2 to 3 people.


A-150 – Slightly larger, the A-150 measures at 165 long. This powerful lightship has represented some of the biggest brands in the United States and abroad. One of the biggest differences between the A 60+ and the A-150 is that the gondola seats up to 9 passengers and a pilot.


A-170LS – The A-170LS measures approximately 178 feet long and can travel with 10 passengers. The biggest perk of this lightship is its 70 X 30 foot LED video screen. There is a multitude of options for advertisers using the light screen. For example, let’s say you’re the marketing manager of a TV show like the Real Housewives of (New York, Atlanta, Orange County, etc.), you could have the blimp fly over each of the show’s locations during season premiere and season finale times, as well as promoting throughout the regular season.


Or, let’s say that you’re in charge of promoting a new concert tour. The blimp has the capability to broadcast the show from above and follow the tour across the country. Our team of experts will work with you to determine the best way to utilize the LED screen throughout your advertising campaign. The possibilities are endless.

How much do advertising blimps cost?

Blimp advertising costs vary depending on a variety of factors including: which airship you decide to use, the length of your contract, and the number of miles the blimp will be flying. Airship contracts can be broken down month to month, but because of the significant amount of time, planning, and manpower it takes to operate a blimp, we typically opt for longer contracts. This preference is negotiable depending on the type of campaign. If you have any questions about blimp advertising costs please contact our office. We would be happy to provide you with a free quote.

How can I inquire about LED advertising blimps for rent?

Lightship blimp advertising is an excellent choice for small, mid-sized, and large brands looking to make a larger-than-life impact. Van Wagner Airship Group does not rent out our blimps, but we do lease the advertising space on the body of the airship. Our team of highly trained blimp pilots are dedicated to making sure that your brand’s messaging is represented safely and effectively. By advertising on a digital blimp, your product is bound to get noticed. People are naturally drawn to anything that flies. Imagine your LED blimp flying over some of the biggest venues of the year. To inquire about LED advertising blimp costs please contact us today. There are a variety of factors that play into blimp advertising rates.


How does TV broadcasting work with the blimp?

Van Wagner Airship Group can provide a turn-key broadcast package that includes a state of the art digital gyro stabilized camera system with a live wireless link and specialized technical and camera personnel. Whether it’s TV or radio remotes VWAG has successfully broadcasted over 2,000 live events. We are a one stop shop to get your company valuable air time on any program that requires aerial camera services. Our services include:

– Cineflex Hi-Definition Gyro-stabilized broadcast camera system
– Experienced television cameraman and technician
– Microwave downlink to receive and direct signal to broadcaster production truck
– On-site event coordinator to liaise with television networks
– Camera system provided by client to TV networks in exchange for live on-screen brand explosure
– Opportunities exist at sporting and cultural events globally
– Lightships assists with securing and organising client presence at event

Are any of the advertising blimps for sale?

Van Wagner Airship Group is not actively seeking a buyer for any of our blimps at this time. If you’re serious about purchasing a blimp from us, please contact our offices directly.

Are all of Van Wagner Airship Group’s blimps lightships?


How is artwork adhered to the blimp?

Advertising with blimps is a fun and effective way to get noticed. When choosing the creative for your blimp advertising campaign, make sure that your messaging is clear, concise, and eye-catching. Once you provide us the creative, we will handle the logistics of adhering it to the sides of the airship. Watch the video below to see the application of the Despicablimp’s artwork! A perfect example of a spectacular campaign!

The New York office is the location of our corporate headquarters, Van Wagner Group LLC. The blimp advertising office in Orlando, FL is the headquarters of the Van Wagner Airship Group. If you’re looking to inquire about a blimp please contact us today!