DIRECTV Blimp Partners With West Coast Schools For #FridayNightFlights

October 9, 2014

DIRECTV Blimp Partners With West Coast Schools For #FridayNightFlights featured image


California high schools are in for a larger-than-life surprise over the next few months. For the first time ever, the DIRECTV blimp and its gigantic LED screen can be seen flying all over the West coast! The “DTV blimp” as its friends call it, will be participating with elementary, middle, and high school students all over California and Arizona. How can your school get involved with the DIRECTV Blimp? If you’re a school administrator you can request the following:

– Make a request for the blimp to fly over your school (REQUESTS NOW CLOSED)
– Take the kids on a field trip to see the blimp at its hangar
– Schedule the blimp to fly over a rivalry football game

In a press release distributed earlier this week, Jon Gieselman, Senior Vice President, Marketing at DIRECTV said, “The DIRECTV blimp has become a staple at sporting events on the East Coast and we know the blimp and its giant HD screen will be a spectacular sight on the West Coast as well. DIRECTV and Van Wagner also want to give back to the local community and use the blimp as an educational tool to help children understand how math, science and engineering are applied to air travel.”

Elementary, middle, and high school students can look forward to educational exploration classes with the blimp. DIRECTV is also holding its own version of “Friday Night Lights,” (#FridayNightFlights) where it will make appearances at some of the biggest high school rivalry games the west coast has to offer. The massive LED screen will display school names, colors, and slogans above the stadium during the game. Students are encouraged to tweet @dtvblimp to get involved.

The blimp will be out on the West Coast until March of 2015, and will be sharing photos, video and articles about its school activities throughout its time there, and via social media. You can follow the blimp @dtvblimp on Twitter.

(REQUESTS NOW CLOSED). The DIRECTV blimp will be flying in and out of San Bernardino airport when in the LA area, out of Livermore when in the San Francisco area and from Brown Field when in San Diego.

Please note: Your school’s proximity to the airport is an important determining factor in the blimp’s ability to make an appearance! We look forward to speaking with you.