How ABC Scandal’s Aerial Banner Ignited A Twitter Frenzy

September 5, 2014

How ABC Scandal’s Aerial Banner Ignited A Twitter Frenzy featured image

After a 5 month hiatus, the red hot political thriller Scandal is returning to ABC this September in its regular Thursday 9/8c time slot. The approximate 9 million people that tune in each week for the show aren’t shy about taking to Twitter to express their views on the latest cliff hanger. In 2013, Scandal was ABC’s most socially active show, generating over 4 million tweets in season 2, outperforming social giant American Idol.

With the release of a Scandal season 4 teaser promo video fresh in the minds of fans, ABC decided to stir the pot a little bit more over Labor Day weekend. With the help of Van Wagner Aerial Media, ABC flew a large aerial banner with simple, yet striking copy over some of the most active beaches in New York, New Jersey, and Los Angeles. The banner, noticeably lacking any type of ABC or Scandal branding, simply asked “Where on earth is Olivia Pope?” and included the popular hashtag #TGIT to get the fans talking.

And it worked.

scandal Aerial banner

Photo taken over Coney Island, NY

Thousands of Twitter and Instagram users tweeted, re-tweeted, and Instagrammed photos of the banner’s flight over the beaches. The Scandal Facebook page posted a picture of the banner generating almost 1,000 shares, 25,733 likes, and over 300 comments. It’s safe to say, people were excited.


Scandal star Kerry Washington got into the action as well, Instagramming a photo of the banner with the caption “Wish I could tell you…” generating over 28,000 likes and almost 700 comments, she also tweeted multiple times about the banner, encouraging people to post photos if they spotted it. During the time the banner flew, #WhereIsOlivia began trending on Twitter both in the New York region and worldwide.



The ABC Scandal banner is a testament to aerial advertising’s capability to integrate with social media and really get people talking. If you’re considering aerial advertising for your next campaign, we can help! By choosing Van Wagner Aerial Media, you are enlisting the help of seasoned experts with decades of experience in the aerial advertising industry. From picking your banner creative to planning a flight route, we’ve got you covered. Not sure if an aerial banner is right for your next campaign? We also offer sky writing, blimp advertising, helicopter advertising, and more! Contact us today or click below for a free quote!

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