How To Target The Hispanic Community For Your Marketing Campaign

May 27, 2014

How To Target The Hispanic Community For Your Marketing Campaign featured image


Businesses are increasingly turning to aerial advertising as they seek to target the growing Hispanic population — the fastest growing demographic in the United States.

In California, for example, the Hispanic population growth is expected to surpass all others this year to become the largest ethnic or racial group in the state, according to an article on the Pew Research Center website. That would make California the only state other than New Mexico where Hispanics make up the largest ethnic group. As it continues to grow, reaching this group will be critical to businesses, and aerial advertising is easily tailored to resonate with them.

There are a variety of events you’re able to cover to target them, such as the Fiesta Broadway in New York City and Calle Ocho in South Florida. In addition, consider flying over cities with a large Latino population, such as El Paso, Texas, and use ZIP codes to research down to the neighborhood where the population skews Latino. An excellent resource is the Pew Research Center’s map of Latino populations by city.

Chase Aerial Billboard Spanish

What’s great about aerial media is it permeates all demographics. People don’t all read the same magazines, watch the same television shows, or listen to the same radio stations, but everyone looks up at the same sky. The beaches of Los Angeles may not have as large of a Hispanic crowd as a Major League Soccer game, but you’re going to tap into that market regardless.

Businesses looking to reach this important community should keep in mind that the message doesn’t need to be in English. It’s simple to print banners in any language, meaning you could run one banner in English and another in Spanish. Double formation flights are a great way to get your message across in both languages. Another option is to rotate the banner, so one day the flight carries a message in English, and the next day it’s in Spanish.


Dos Lunas Aerial Billboard

It’s important to keep the message simple whatever language it’s in. Less is often more. The simpler a banner looks, the better the message comes across. Television networks often want their aerial banners to include tune-in information, character information and premiere dates. It sounds nice — you want to pack as much information as possible, right? The problem is banners look cluttered if you try to squeeze too much information, which runs counter to one of the biggest benefits of aerial advertising.

At the end of the day, the primary reason that many businesses choose aerial is because it’s a clutter-free means of getting their message across. Why go to a clutter-free medium just to display a cluttered banner? The simpler the message is, the better it looks.

Another high-impact way to use aerial advertising is to integrate it with social media. Along with your simple message on your flying banner you can include an interactive Twitter, Facebook or Instagram call to action. For example, you could run a spotter campaign, where someone uploads a picture of your banner to Twitter and they’re eligible for a prize. The opportunities truly are endless.

Aerial advertising offers a unique and effective way to get messages to consumers. Best of all, it’s easy to target campaigns toward Hispanics, ensuring you reach this increasingly critical demographic.

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