It’s Horse Racing Season Where Aerial Advertising Rules

April 28, 2014

It’s Horse Racing Season Where Aerial Advertising Rules featured image

Horse races present brands with huge opportunities to get their advertising messages in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

These outdoor events give advertisers the perfect opportunity to use aerial advertising to get the audience’s attention and to get noticed. Whatever race your prospects and customers are attending, it’s important to note they will be inundated with advertising messages on the ground…but not in the air.  Aerial banner advertising can give you a huge branding advantage.

Of special importance – and opportunity – is the Triple Crown. It delivers three premier racing events with hundreds of thousands of spectators. An estimated 278,000 people will be attending the Kentucky Derby next week with another 110,000 expected to go to the Preakness on May 17 and another 111,000 at the Belmont Stakes on June 7. Then there is the TV coverage potentially adding millions more impressions of your message.

Another benefit of aerial advertising is that, even if a competitor has a sponsorship for the event making it impossible for you to advertise on the ground, those constraints are removed in the air.

Avion Aerial Billboards KY Derby

Know that your target market is probably going to be in attendance. That’s because horse races attract a broad spectrum of people from all different backgrounds. Tickets run anywhere from $10 to $5000 and the crowd runs the gamut from some of the most affluent people in the U.S. down to college kids who are looking for a good time. In the Triple Crown alone, you’re bound to find your target in this audience of about 500,000 people.

And if your target market is women of above average household income then you should know that horse racing are the only annual sporting events to attract equal numbers of female and male viewers and the “who’s who” of attendees resembles a Hollywood red carpet. National, regional and local media representatives are there from NBC, Access Hollywood , ESPN to name but a few are there to cover these races.

65% of attendees in 2012 had household income of $50k-$149k – they are clearly mid- to high-income earners depending on where they live.

Another important point to note: horse races are relatively short, giving you plenty of time to engage the audience when it’s not focused on the action on the track.

This is your brand’s opportunity to break through the clutter!

Horse races provide your brands with venues ripe with opportunity for aerial advertising, especially if you sign up for exposure for the 2-3 days before the races. That’s because the big races have lots of outdoor pre-race events to woo them.

Whether you want to give your event sponsorship extra advertising punch, or are looking for ways to reach this important target audience in a novel and impressive way, horse races and aerial advertising should be part of your brand strategy.

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