4 Ways To Maximize Your Marketing At State Fairs

August 26, 2014

4 Ways To Maximize Your Marketing At State Fairs featured image


Millions of people flock to state fairs every year for carnival games, family fun, and deep-fried everything. The large and diverse crowds that come through these fairs make them an ideal marketing platform for any company trying to make its name or product known.

Aerial advertising is a unique and effective way to get the word out about your company, product or service. It has an unmatched ability to effectively reach massive amounts of people and most importantly, leave a lasting effect on that audience.

Here Are Four Ways To Maximize Your Marketing Efforts At State Fairs With Aerial Advertising

1. Grab Attention

When people hear noise overhead, they look up even if they know it’s an airplane or helicopter. Since the sky is so vast, people always secretly hope they’ll look up and see Superman or some other kind of unusual phenomenon.

When a banner comes across the sky, people will look at it, regardless of whether they want to see an ad or not. That’s what aerial advertising does so effectively – whether you want to or not, you’ll look. It’s human nature.

2. Keep Their Attention

People tend to have short attention spans. You don’t buy a magazine to look at all the ads placed throughout it. You may see an ad, but by the time you turn the page, your eyes are focused on whatever is coming next. With aerial advertising, however, you can be sure to demand and keep the consumer’s focus.

When you see an aerial banner in the sky, there’s nothing else next to it to grab and steal your attention. If you’re hanging out on the beach or tailgating before a big game, you’re probably not going to see many banners flying around. When it does happen though, you’re focused on its messaging, and whether you’re conscious of it or not, its made its way into the back of your mind. Once the banner has passed, people will continue on their way, but aerial advertising holds people’s attention far better than the clutter of ads in traditional advertising channels.

3. Tailor the Message

The content of the message will depend on what the business is trying to achieve and the type of venue. Some companies tend to strike a more serious or businesslike tone in their advertisements because they’re trying to reach a specific target. Others, meanwhile, use comedy to make their mark. To see examples of effective aerial messaging, check out our blog, “4 Top Examples of Aerial Advertising from Van Wagner’s Hall of Fame.”

4. Integrate Social Media

Keep in mind that about 58% of your target audience has a smart phone, so introducing social media into your campaign would be in your best interest. Integrating a call to action, like “tweet this,” “call now,” or using a hashtag will give your campaign even more pizazz. Instagram, for example, now has more than 75 million users daily. Imagine the brand awareness you would achieve if you did an Instagram call to action? The numbers would be incredible! This provides even more potential to incorporate your aerial message with your call to action.

In addition to our core capabilities, Van Wagner Aerial Media is always hard at work looking for ways to innovate the aerial banner space. We’re aware that aerial advertising won’t be the only way businesses look to draw the attention of their target audience, but we certainly know these unique concepts can be an effective way to reach a wide demographic and stand out from the crowd.

Whether through airplanes banners, blimps or even skywriting, aerial advertising gives brands a nearly infinite number of unique and engaging opportunities to grab people’s attention and get them engaged.

If you’d like help in identifying the perfect place and/or demographic for your aerial advertising campaign – be it for aerial banner advertising or a blimp – Van Wagner Aerial Media is here to assist you. We’re the largest and most experienced aerial advertising company in the world!

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