Memorial Day 2022: Travelers Hit the Road, Advertisers Take to the Skies

May 31, 2022

Memorial Day 2022: Travelers Hit the Road, Advertisers Take to the Skies featured image

Memorial Day is a nationwide holiday, a time of reflection, for remembrance of our national heroes, and for many, a much-needed day off. We don’t know exactly how many people traveled for the unofficial start of summer, but AAA predicted that 39.2 Million people were expected to hit the roads – nearly 10% more than a year ago.

Dunkin aerial advertisement

With coolers and towels in hand, millions of Americans made their way to beaches to cool off and beat the heat. With a captivated audience of that size, more and more advertisers understand that the clutter-free sky provides an unparalleled canvas for showcasing their message in one of the most unique ways possible. That’s where Van Wagner comes in!

Fair Harbor Aerial Advertising

Van Wagner’s Aerial Media division was there to meet the growing demand over the long weekend. The team’s fleet of aircraft, specifically designed to carry massive billboards in the sky, flew more than 150 flights, 600 hours, and covered 14,000+ miles of beaches across the US. That’s more than halfway around the world!

Dinosaur Safari aerial advertising

Aerial Billboard campaigns are a popular choice for both national and local advertisers looking to capture the attention of nearly any market in the country. While partners can target most major events or metro areas, beaches have always been synonymous with aerial billboards—including popular stretches along the Eastern seaboard, from Cape Cod to South Florida, Chicago’s famous Lakefront, the coast of Texas, and West Coast destinations like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Phillies aerial billboards

Whether you’re looking at flying banners or skywriting, we’re here to help you perfect your next aerial advertising campaign.