Pro Tips: Designing Compelling Aerial Ads for Maximum Impact

January 31, 2024

Pro Tips: Designing Compelling Aerial Ads for Maximum Impact featured image

There’s a reason why our Van Wagner Aerial team has been flying for more than six decades. Year after year, advertisers understand the potential impact when the sky becomes your canvas. The possibilities are as endless as the horizon, you might say. In a world inundated with digital noise, capturing your audience’s attention requires innovation and creativity that breaks through and stands out. That’s where aerial advertising – particularly aerial billboards – comes into play. Van Wagner Aerial Media is the industry leader, offering brands a unique opportunity to elevate their messaging and effectively reach high-value consumers.

In the post below, we share tips from our knowledgeable and experienced team to help you as you consider investing in aerial advertising as part of your marketing mix. We work with brands of all sizes to design fully customized campaigns that engage their most important audiences.


Aerial billboard featuring the alcoholic beverage brand High Noon flying over a New York beach in Long Island.


So, why Aerial Advertising?

Aerial advertising is not just a passing trend; it’s a strategic and efficient approach that can make a substantial impact on your brand’s visibility. With the ability to reach audiences on a national, regional, or local scale, aerial advertising solutions such as Aerial Billboards and Skytyping offer unparalleled flexibility. Imagine your brand soaring over crowded beaches, multi-day events, or bustling cities, ensuring that your message is seen by tens of thousands of potential customers below.



How Does it Work?

With years of experience, our marketing and solutions experts create a custom strategy to turn your vision into a highly engaging, brand-building campaign. We work closely with our clients to plan every aspect of the campaign – from developing creative and messaging, to selecting events and flight routes to fit your target demographic.  Then we design the billboard itself. That can mean translating an existing print ad to an eye-catching aerial billboard or starting from scratch. Either way, we make sure the ultimate billboard creative has the right sized text, logos, vibrant colors, and even QR codes to maximize your brand visibility.


Large aerial billboard flying through the sky over the Hard Rock Stadium in Florida to promote Jack Daniel's whiskey

Tips for National Brands:

  1. Strategic Placement: National brands have the advantage of reaching a vast audience. Choose high-traffic events, such as major sports events, music festivals, or conventions, to maximize your exposure. Van Wagner provides advertising over some of the largest multi-day events in the U.S. including the Super Bowl, The Masters, Formula 1, Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Spring Break in Miami Beach or South Padre Island, TX, just to name a few. Aerial advertising becomes a captivating spectacle that enhances your brand’s image on a grand scale.


  1. Creative Messaging: With a broad audience in mind, focus on a concise and memorable message. Utilize striking visuals and a clear call-to-action that resonates with a diverse demographic. Consider incorporating your brand’s tagline or a memorable hashtag for added recall.


  1. Consistent Branding: Ensure your aerial ad aligns seamlessly with your overall branding and follows your brand guidelines in terms of color and font. Consistency builds trust and recognition, making it more likely for potential customers to engage with your brand in other ways after seeing your billboard overhead.


TV show banner over beach, Aerial sports series advertisement

Tips for Regional Brands:

  1. Local Events: Regional brands can maximize impact by targeting specific local events or festivals. Van Wagner can fly over collegiate stadiums, arenas, State Fairs, marathons, and other celebrations that your customers are attending. Customize your aerial campaign to resonate with the unique characteristics of the region, creating a more personal connection with the audience.


  1. Geo-Targeted Messaging: Tailor your message to address the specific needs and preferences of the regional audience. Highlight local landmarks or references to strengthen the connection between your brand and the community.


  1. Limited-Time Offers: Create a sense of urgency by incorporating limited-time offers or promotions that are exclusive to the regional audience. Encourage immediate action, driving potential customers to engage with your brand quickly.


Longo Toyota Logo with letter banner

Tips for Local Brands:

  1. Community Engagement: Local brands can forge strong connections by engaging with the community. Consider flying over parades or other community events to showcase your commitment to the area.


  1. Hyper-Local Messaging: Craft messages that resonate with the local culture, language, or inside jokes. This personalized approach fosters a sense of belonging and community, making your brand more relatable to local consumers.


  1. Repeat Exposure: Maximize your impact by planning multiple flights over time. Consistent exposure reinforces your brand in the minds of local residents, increasing the likelihood of brand recall and engagement.


Tequila ad aerial banner, Coconut tequila sky advert

In the realm of advertising, the sky truly is your canvas. Van Wagner Aerial Media offers a unique opportunity for brands to elevate their messaging, reaching audiences in a way that’s impossible to ignore. Whether you’re a national, regional, or local brand, aerial advertising provides an effective and efficient solution for maximum impact.


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