#SkyBanner Trends On Twitter Following ‘Fire John Idzik’ Banner Flight

November 11, 2014

#SkyBanner Trends On Twitter Following ‘Fire John Idzik’ Banner Flight featured image

In Case You Missed It – Fans Fly ‘Fire John Idzik’ Banner Over Jets’ Stadium


Last week, a banner towing plane circled the Jets’ stadium over a dozen times during their practice hour. The simple letter banner contained only three words, but they made a big statement — “Fire John Idzik.” As planned, the fan-sponsored banner got the attention of the coaches and the team on the ground below. Following the flight, head coach Rex Ryan addressed the media,

“They’ve got a right [to express themselves], but I just think that when you look at the big picture, this isn’t about one man falling short,” Ryan said. “That’s not it. We’re 1-8 collectively. Trust me, we don’t like it. That’s how I feel. I don’t understand this part of it, I really don’t.” (ESPN)

The very next day Ryan made a statement of his own flying a remote-controlled chopper above the coaches, players, and media. This time the message said, “Go Jets.”

Mike&Mike Start #SkyBanner – Twitter’s Response

Following, the initial banner flight, popular sports radio hosts Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg from ESPN’s Mike&Mike asked their fans, “If you could (fly a banner) for your team what would it say? Use #SkyBanner.


In typical Twitter fashion, the response was a mixed bag of serious, hilarious, and somewhere in between. Here are some of the posts:







We know what you are probably thinking – and no, we were not responsible for the flight of the “Fire John Idzik” aerial banner. It was a provider out of New Jersey that worked specifically with an anonymous group of “frustrated” fans.

And then, things got worse for John Idzik.

Jets Upset Steelers 20 to 13 But Fans Still Aren’t Happy…

Just a few hours following the Jets’ second victory of the season against the Pittsburgh Steelers, a new message was put up by fans — this time on a digital billboard.


Two ‘Fire John Idzik’ billboards appeared outside of MetLife stadium just a few hours after the game., a fan website that appeared just a few weeks ago, raised over $10,000 to buy these billboards and they’re showing no signs of stopping their agenda any time soon. 

First aerial banners, now billboards. What’s next?

This spectacle brings up an interesting debate. Should fans be allowed to fly these types of banners over stadiums? Is it appropriate to put up billboards like this one? We would love to hear from you. Comment below!


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