Sponsor Summer Fun With Beach Banner Towing

May 7, 2015

Sponsor Summer Fun With Beach Banner Towing featured image

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As the temperatures begin to heat up across the country, people begin getting excited for vacation days spent beachside with family and friends. Consumers of all ages, demographics, and income levels flock to beaches and lakes in markets from coast to coast in hopes of soaking up the sun and getting some much needed rest and relaxation.

With limited ad space on and around the beach, savvy advertisers have taken their marketing campaigns to the sky, flying massive aerial billboards over the busiest beaches in the United States. Florida, California, South Carolina, and New York/New Jersey beaches rank as top beach destinations according to lists by Trip Advisor and Forbes.

Why Choose Beach Aerial Advertising?

There are thousands of ads on the ground below, and one of the greatest things about aerial banner towing is its ability to break through the noise and really capture the attention of a captive audience. It is not unusual to see banner towing planes above Florida, New York, and California beaches, and although they have become somewhat of fixtures in the sky above, people can’t help but look up and read the messaging that is flying overhead.

Furthermore, beachgoers are often on vacation, which means they are a little more generous with their spending habits. If you have a brick and mortar store near the beach or are advertising a new regional special, beach advertising delivers at a relatively low cost. By marketing to beachgoers while they are in this relaxed, leisurely state-of-mind you are making your brand the implied sponsor of summer fun and are rallying motivation for consumers to support your brand and its growth.

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Which Market Is Right For My Brand?

If you are looking to target high net-worth individuals, The Hamptons and Los Angeles beaches are a good choice. If you are looking to target families or the Hispanic market, St. Petersburg/Clearwater beaches and Miami beaches in Florida are prime markets. As the nation’s only truly national aerial advertising company, we can help you determine which markets are right for your brand’s goals.


What Kinds Of Beach Banners Can I Tow?

We fly the largest and most vibrant aerial banners in the industry. Our most popular sizing options include:

40’ X 80’ – The forty by eighty foot aerial banner is the most popular size of all of the banner options. It is a versatile creative execution that typically is used for beach banner towing and land events.

30’ X 100’ – The thirty by one-hundred foot airplane banner is longer than our traditional copies and is designed primarily for beach exposure. This extra length allows for greater recall and aids in brand recognition on coastline stretches.

50’ X 100’ –The fifty by one-hundred foot banner is a larger banner option that can be used for a combination of beach and land exposure. This banner is especially beneficial to clients who utilize a “call to action” on their banner creative, as it allows more space for large pieces of text.

65’ X 130’ – This is largest banner that can be flown by a fixed-wing aircraft. At almost 8,500 sq. ft, it dominates the sky. Clients have utilized this banner for a number of high-profile events, such as the Super Bowl and Daytona 500.

Die Cut – This innovative and unique option has been developed and refined by Van Wagner Aerial Media. This banner creates the illusion that your image or brand logo is “floating” in the sky. By utilizing a nearly transparent backdrop, only the completely necessary images are visible to the public.

What Does A Great Aerial Campaign Look Like?

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