Stop, Drop, & Roll: 3 Aerial Banners That Will Ignite Consumer Interest

March 17, 2014

Stop, Drop, & Roll: 3 Aerial Banners That Will Ignite Consumer Interest featured image

Take what you think an aerial banner is (or could be) and throw it away.  Van Wagner has invested our decades of experience in the industry; not only to make sure our traditional banners perform to the highest standards, but also on the development of new and innovative aerial banner technologies.  You have an idea?  We’ll make it happen.

Here are 3 concepts that are sure to ignite interest among your consumers this year. 

The Super Plane.

Reebok Aerial Billboard Superbowl

Almost 8,500 square feet of banner, all towed behind a traditional banner plane.  By far the largest banner in our arsenal, this banner is sure to dominate any event or location.  In fact, this is the largest banner that has ever been towed behind a fixed-wing aircraft.  This banner has been utilized at many major events across the US and is sure-fire way to separate your brand from ground-level clutter.  We are the only operator in the industry with these capabilities.

The Formation Flight.

Neuro Bliss Aerial Billboards Formation

A singular aerial banner has significant impact.  Imagine that impact, multiplied by 2, 3, 5, or even 8.  Van Wagner has the capability to utilize multiple aircraft to tow various (or duplicate) brand messaging in whatever order and fashion the client requests.  This tactic ensures significant brand recall, while also allowing significant flexibility with the order and design of each banner.  Each banner is towed by an individual aircraft and the order of the messaging can change or stay the same during flight. All in all, each component of this execution can be fully customized.  This can be an un-rivaled way to merge high-impact messaging with creative flexibility.

The Die Cut.

Snapple Aerial Billboard Cutout

This innovative technology has been fully developed and refined by Van Wagner Aerial Media.   This particular execution creates the illusion that your creative is “floating” and/or “flying” in the sky.  Instead of a traditional background color, this banner utilizes a nearly transparent webbing, which allows the creative to truly pop against the sky.  This technology works particularly well for logos or figures, which will attract significant attention as crowds try to figure out exactly how the object is being towed through the air.

In addition to our core capabilities, Van Wagner is always hard at work looking at how to create and innovate in the aerial banner space.   We know aerial advertising won’t be the only way businesses look to draw the attention of their target demographics, but we certainly know these unique concepts can be an effective way to reach a wide audience and stand out from the crowd.

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