Blimp Parade Comes To Boston | #BlimpParade

August 27, 2014

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The Blimp Parade Is Back! This Time In Boston

In 2012, Van Wagner Aerial Media and Van Wagner Airship Group (VWAG) launched a blimp parade over New York City. Awed by the blimps above, spectators took to the streets, and their cell phones, capturing photos, composing tweets, and recording video of the airships’ journey over Manhattan. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts flooded the social stratosphere, exciting the attention of the media and people across the nation.

When the opportunity arose this summer to get the blimps together again, this time in Boston, VWAG, Hood, MetLife, and DIRECTV jumped at the idea. This time, Hood, MetLife, and DIRECTV have invited members of the local Boston media, as well as Twitter influencers for the city of Boston, to join us on our flight above the city. It’s notable to mention, that this is the first time in history that these three blimps have flown over the Boston area together. It truly is a spectacle not to be missed!

We’re excited to announce the details of the upcoming blimp parade over Boston, and invite you to join the buzz by using the hashtags #BlimpParade or #BlimpsOverBoston.

When Is The Event Taking Place?

Approximately 5 pm to 7 pm ET – Weather permitting.

Who Is Flying On Each Blimp?

Besides our pilots, the following media representatives, sports players, and twitter influencers will be live-tweeting and capturing unique aerial photos on each blimp.

Hood Blimp (@HoodBlimp)

@JCMonahan (Co-Anchor for WCVB an ABC Boston affiliate)

MetLife Blimp (@MetLifeBlimp)

– @NESN (Media rep from NESN – New England Cable News)

DIRECTV Blimp (@DTVBlimp)

@OnlyInBos (Twitter Influencer)

@BostonCollege (Rep from Boston College)

Which Landmarks Are The Blimps Flying Over?

Charles River  Copley Square
Fenway Park USS Constitution
Boston Common Boston University
Boston College MIT
Harvard Other Neighborhoods

Where’s The Best Area to View The Parade?

We’re inviting the media and spectators to get a closer look along the Charles River. The blimps can easily fly at a closer distance to the ground in this area, allowing for better photo opportunities and a more personal view.

How Can I Get Involved?

Our main purpose for putting together this once-in-a-lifetime viewing opportunity, is to get you involved. We’re aiming to unite the city of Boston in this unique event, by inviting spectators to share their thoughts, photos, and videos of the parade at #BlimpParade.

For Media Inquiries, Please Contact:

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Shayna Pilnick, 646-385-8272

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