The Runway to Election Season: Aerial Advertising Solutions for Political Campaigns in 2024

December 22, 2023

The Runway to Election Season: Aerial Advertising Solutions for Political Campaigns in 2024 featured image

As we approach the bustling political year of 2024, campaigns and national GOTV organizations are exploring innovative ways to reach voters. More than 70 years ago, Dwight D. Eisenhower broadcast the first political ad on TV. In the most recent decades, would-be candidates have pivoted and added the internet and social media channels to their advertising mix.

Today, campaigns must find new ways to get their message out and reach voters, given the rising cost of linear TV advertising, industry fragmentation due to a mass migration of “cord-cutters” to streaming platforms, the phase-out of third-party cookies, and new data privacy regulations impacting social media companies.

The current landscape has presented political advertisers with a critical test to tap into new capabilities and look beyond traditional political advertising to meet the moment, and most importantly, meet key voters where they are.

Vote Today PA Aerial Billboard


One political strategy that is taking off – literally – is Aerial Advertising. With its ability to capture attention and create a memorable impact, aerial billboards offer a unique and powerful solution for political campaigns, ranging from local races to national showdowns. Below, we explore how aerial advertising can be a game-changer for political campaigns, driving visibility, voter engagement, and overall success.


How can Aerial Advertising Enhance your 2024 campaign?

Maximizing Candidate Visibility:

In a sea of campaign signs, digital ads, and mailers, standing out is crucial. Aerial billboards allow political candidates to dominate the skyline, ensuring that their message is seen by the masses. This high-impact approach is particularly effective for large-scale sports events, rallies, parades, and summer days at the beach, where a well-placed banner can draw the attention of thousands.


Driving Voter Registration:

Aerial advertising is not just about promoting candidates; it’s also a powerful tool for encouraging civic participation. By strategically flying billboards over key locations, campaigns can drive awareness about voter registration deadlines, provide information on how to register, and motivate citizens to take an active role in shaping their communities.


Return Your Ballot Today Banner Pennsylvania

Promoting Key Election Dates:

With the ever-increasing noise in the media landscape, ensuring voters are aware of important election dates is a top priority. Aerial billboards can be used to prominently display critical election dates, deadlines for absentee ballots, and other essential information, reinforcing the urgency of civic engagement.


Encouraging Fundraising and Sign-Ups:

Beyond visibility, political campaigns need to mobilize supporters and generate the necessary resources for success. Aerial advertising can be a creative and effective way to promote campaign websites, drive sign-ups for newsletters and volunteer opportunities, and encourage fundraising efforts.

One innovative solution from Van Wagner Aerial is the incorporation of QR codes onto aerial billboards. Harnessing the latest advancements in phone camera technology, Van Wagner seamlessly integrates QR codes to bridge the skies with the screens in voters’ hands.


Vote early promotion banner, Election reminder sky banner

Local and National Campaigns: Tailoring the Approach

Whether it’s a local mayoral race or a nationally watched presidential campaign, aerial advertising can be adapted to suit the scale and scope of the political contest. For local campaigns, flying billboards over community events, town centers, and local landmarks ensures a targeted and impactful approach. On a national level, the ability to reach a broad audience at major political events, conventions, and key cities can make a significant difference in shaping public opinion.

Endless Possibilities:

Several successful political campaigns have leveraged aerial advertising to great effect. Imagine a gubernatorial candidate flying over state fairs, drawing attention, and creating buzz. Picture a presidential campaign strategically flying billboards over key swing states, reinforcing their message and capturing the public’s imagination.


As we navigate the intricate landscape of political campaigns in 2024, the need for innovative and attention-grabbing strategies has never been more apparent. Aerial advertising provides a unique and impactful solution that can deliver a competitive advantage. Van Wagner Aerial’s expertise in creating memorable and effective aerial advertising campaigns ensures that political campaigns can elevate their message and make a lasting impression on voters.



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