Top 10 Beer Sky Advertisements In Honor Of National Beer Day

April 7, 2015

Top 10 Beer Sky Advertisements In Honor Of National Beer Day featured image

April 7th is unoffically recognized as National Beer Day by beer enthusiasts across the country. Why April 7th? According to a variety of unconfirmed sources, April 7th was selected because it marked President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first steps to end prohibition in 1933. 

When the Cullen-Harrison Act was enacted by Congress and signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, beer became legal again, as long as it was below 3.2 percent alcohol by volume. On that first day, 1.5 million barrels of suds were consumed, according to Wikipedia. Since then, people have gathered at breweries and pubs to celebrate the holiday, some beginning the night before, spawning the April 6 holiday of New Beer’s Eve.

Aerial advertising is a popular choice for beer advertisers as it enables them to reach a wide-variety of people at one time. Plus, sporting events like MLB games, NASCAR, NFL, and others are all prime events for consumers to induldge in a beer or two.

In honor of the holiday, we wanted to share our Top Ten Beer Sky Advertisements from the Van Wagner hall of fame. Enjoy!

1. Miller Lite – NASCAR

NASCAR aerial advertising

2. Blue Moon – Happy Orange Friday

blue moon aerial banner

3. Red Stripe – Boo Sand In Your Shorts – Hooray Beer!

red stripe beer

4. Corona Extra – Now On Draft

corona sky advertisements

5. Bud Light – The Sure Sign Of A Good Time – Here We Go

bud light aerial ad

6. Heineken – Think Suntan Vs. Spray Tan

national beer day

7. Landshark – Fins Up!

national beer day

8. Primo – Try New Brew

national beer day

9. Coors Light – Cold Refreshment Is Calling

national beer day

10. Budweiser Blimp – MLB

budweiser blimp

Happy #NationalBeerDay, everyone! Go have a brew for us.

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