2 for 1: How to Reach the 1M+ at Super Bowl & WM Phoenix Open

November 4, 2022

2 for 1: How to Reach the 1M+ at Super Bowl & WM Phoenix Open featured image

Super Bowl weekend just got a lot bigger. In addition to the hundreds of thousands of football fans expected to travel to Phoenix for Super Bowl LVII, another million golf fanatics will be in town for the WM Phoenix Open, one of the PGA’s most prestigious tournament events (February 6-12). That’s a lot of eyes and a huge opportunity for marketers looking to reach affluent consumers.


So, how can your brand get noticed and get the most bang for your buck? The answer is aerial advertising.

Oakheart Aerial Billboard

Aerial advertising is the most cost-effective and impactful medium available on the market. It surpasses television commercials, in-venue signage, and sponsorships in terms of reach and recall. Flying aerial advertisements over Phoenix throughout Super Bowl week gives you greater reach by engaging with attendees in- and around State Farm Stadium and TPC Scottsdale.


Then on Super Bowl Sunday, your aerial advertisements will soar over the stadium and fans will associate your campaign with the prestige of the Super Bowl and NFL brand. And unlike other messaging bombarding visitors, the sky provides the largest, clutter-free real estate and produces a 70% rate of recall – the highest of any advertising medium today.

Roman Aerial Billboard

Top opportunities for your message to soar:

  • Aerial Billboards offer a high impact option to showcase your brand and advertising during Super Bowl festivities. 89% percent of stadium attendees remember seeing an aerial banner and 79% of them can remember what brand or product was being advertised. The CPM value of aerial advertising compared to traditional media can’t be beat. We offer the biggest and most vibrant aerial banners in the industry, and a proprietary wrinkle-reducing technology so your message is always clear for the crowd below.


  • Skytyping and Skywriting are two of the greatest visual forms of guerilla marketing out there.  Single Skywriter planes perform a series of loops and turns, and using special smoke, create one-of-a-kind aerial messages that last for several minutes in the sky. Skytyping involves a fleet of five planes flying in formation to create messages that can stretch as far as 6 miles long. The result is captivated consumers at a fraction of the price of traditional Super Bowl media buys.


Advertisers are gearing up for THE most expensive domestic advertising event of the year. According to Yahoo!News Super Bowl 2022 set a record ad rate at $6.5 million per 30-second ad.  For the Big Game in February 2023, brands will spend millions of dollars on signage on-site and TV ads (and there’s a decent chance TV viewers won’t even see them thanks to the DVR).

Vizzy Billboard

We can work with you to customize your campaign for the greatest impact, flying over the Phoenix area in February, to capture the attention of a record-breaking number of football and golf fans traveling to Arizona from across the globe.


Looking for opportunities to advertise in Arizona in February? Inventory is limited. Contact us for a free quote.