Up, Up, And Away! Legend Blimp Takes Flight Over Sydney, Australia

December 4, 2014


(Appliances Online Legend Blimp Maiden Flight Over Sydney – Photos courtesy of

Van Wagner Airship Group LLC’s newest blimp, the Legend Blimp, is getting the attention of the media and local community over in Australia!

Yesterday, friends and supporters of Appliances Online, a major online retailer of home goods and appliances headquartered in Sydney, Australia, met at The Island, a bar floating off the Sydney Harbor, to toast the official launch of the Appliances Online blimp. The aptly named Legend Blimp (#LegendBlimp), is a 127-foot-long, larger-than-life dirigible that compliments the company’s overall promise of “Legendary Service.” 

Appliances Online CEO John Winning told, that he has been thinking about utilizing a blimp as a primary marketing vehicle for years. While watching America’s World Cup in San Diego a few years ago, Winning became intrigued by the blimp floating overhead and the thousands of eyes looking up at it. At this time, it occurred to him that a blimp was the right fit for the Appliances Online brand.

“I remember the day that I had to tell my dad, my uncle and the executive team that I had this idea of spending a considerable amount of money bringing a blimp to Australia and felt like a bit of an idiot at the time, but equally I really felt passionate about the project and thought it could really work and it would give us great exposure,” Winning said. “[Their support] is really testament to the team that we’ve got. Hopefully they share my vision and don’t think I’m a complete lunatic, which is good.”


(The view from above – Photo courtesy of Legend Blimp pilot, Mark Finney)

The blimp made its maiden flight from Riddells Creek Airfield in Victoria a few weeks ago, but this is its first appearance in Sydney, the home of Appliances Online’s headquarters. Attendees of the Sydney launch party received boarding passes for “Legend Air” and a Duty Free gift bag. It’s apparent that Appliances Online does not lack any type of sense of humor, check out the in-flight magazine they put together below.

(Photos courtesy of:



In less than a month, the Legend Blimp has captured the attention of thousands of people in Australia, and around the world. You can follow along with the blimp’s activity on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #LegendBlimp.

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