Van Wagner Airship Group Launches New ‘Legendary Blimp’ In Australia

November 13, 2014

Van Wagner Airship Group Launches New ‘Legendary Blimp’ In Australia featured image


Appliances Online, a major online retailer of home goods and appliances, launched its first major television advertising campaign earlier this year. Their highly comical and attention-grabbing advertisements promote “Legendary Service.” So, it would make sense that their outdoor advertising campaign would be legendary as well.

With this in mind, the Sydney-based company reached out to Van Wagner Airship Group to launch a blimp in the Australian market. The 127 foot long by 36 foot wide, internally lit dirigible, aptly named “Legend Blimp” recently made its maiden flight from Riddells Creek Airfield in Victoria — making it the only blimp currently flying in the southern hemisphere.

In an article for, Appliances Online CEO John Winning said,

“It’s an exciting time for retailers and the Appliances Online Legendary Blimp symbolises our confidence in the Australian economy and our dedication to pushing boundaries to reach new heights as an Australian retailer. Having recently won a world retail award for Best Customer Experience of the year, we’ve proved the standard of our customer service is at a world-high; we really do go above and beyond for our customers.”


Winning further explains,

“The Appliances Online Legend Blimp is similar to an airplane. It has aircraft engines on each side, and is flown by professional pilots supported by a full ground crew. When flying, the Appliances Online Blimp Crew meets passengers at the airport, provides them with a comfortable seat for their flight, landing securely on the Lightship’s single-point landing gear after their trip.”

Members of the media and the public will have the opportunity to fly in the blimp, weather permitting, as it makes its way above and around Melbourne and Sydney. People have already started spotting the blimp from the ground below and are using #LegendBlimp to share their pictures and thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Want To See How The Legend Blimp Came To Life? Watch Below.



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