Van Wagner consistently offers the most extensive and professional aerial advertising services in the industry to our clients. Our guarantee isn’t just backed by our crew of pilots and expert operators; it’s backed by an entire organization that has set the standard for aerial advertising excellence for over 65 years.

Our professionalism, coupled with our ability to deliver stunning aerial displays, is what keeps our clients coming back to us time and again. Simply put, we are proud of what we do. With our Aerial Media team, your messaging will be handled with care and expertise that is unmatched in the industry.

If you have any questions about our Van Wagner Guarantee or our offerings, please contact us today.


1. Professional Pilots – Safety Protocols and Certification

2. Expert Consulting – Strategic Campaign Guidance and Support

3. Proof of Performance – Flight Duration Tracking & Information

4. Full-Service Banner Production – Damage Replacement Policy

5. Comprehensive Insurance Coverage – Extenuating Circumstances / Inclement Weather

1. Professional Pilots

Safety Protocols and Certification

Van Wagner employs the largest and most experienced team of aerial advertising pilots in the United States. Our pilots possess Commercial Pilot’s Licenses and have passed the required written examinations, as well as an oral and practical (actual flying) evaluation with a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) designated pilot. Many of our pilots exceed these qualifications and hold numerous certifications and ratings. Our staff includes experts on rotor-craft, airships, and other commercial/private aircraft.

Since safety is of utmost concern, prospective pilots are required to pass Van Wagner’s unparalleled Banner Tow Training Program and be observed by the FAA for approval before being added to our roster.

2. Expert Consulting

Strategic Campaign Guidance and Support

We aren’t your typical aerial advertising company. Upon partnering with Van Wagner, your service options include expert consulting from our team of account managers, operators, and pilots. We are also the only vendor with in-house capabilities to execute multi-platform advertising, and experiential campaigns.

Upon request, we can provide you:

– Demographic research for your target personas

– Geographic suggestions for flight execution

– Creative guidance on aerial banner messaging

– Consulting on integrating aerial into an existing campaign or developing complimentary programs to enhance your aerial advertising

3. Proof of Performance

Flight Duration Tracking and Information

We believe that proof of performance is a fundamental part of a client-provider relationship. After your contracted flight is completed, we will provide you with GPS tracking data that includes when your flight flew, the duration of the flight, and a snapshot of the plane’s actual flight pattern. This accountability will allow you to feel comfortable that Van Wagner Aerial Media is consistently delivering what is promised and contracted.

4. Full-Service Banner Production

Damage Replacement Policy

Our aerial banners are created with multi-flight usage in mind. This means that they are durable – capable of withstanding damage from potentially harmful weather conditions (i.e. sun rays, rain, and tough winds). We work hard to ensure that your banner will last for a minimum for 40 flights; if your banner is damaged in flight or in our storage facility before it has flown 40 flights, we will replace or repair it at our cost.

We take the logistics of banner production from start to finish off of your plate. Our in-house creative team can assist with the best recommendations for aerial banner artwork so your banner creative is as effective as possible in the sky. All banners are stored in our controlled facilities for your convenience.

5. Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Extenuating Circumstances / Inclement Weather

Van Wagner maintains a broad scope of insurance coverage well in excess of many of our industry competitors.

We take every precaution to ensure that our pilots, aircraft and equipment are safe. If your banner does not fly due to a mechanical malfunction or pilot issue, we will provide you with alternate times to make-up the flight. Van Wagner prides itself on the proper delivery of your advertising. Safety is the most important factor in any of our aerial executions.

Should loss or delay of service result from inclement weather, we will work with you to determine a date for a make-up flight. Other extenuating circumstances will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.