Helicopter Banner Advertising | Banner Towing FAQ

December 2, 2014

Helicopter Banner Advertising | Banner Towing FAQ featured image

Aerial billboard size comparison

What is the cost of a helicopter banner?

Helicopter banner costs are determined by a few different factors:

Size of the aerial banner:

Helicopter banners range in size. Pricing out types of materials used to create the banner and determining the square footage will play into overall heli banner costs.

Duration of flight/ gas:

This is a main factor when determining aerial advertising cost. When it comes to fuel, a 2 hour flight will be less costly than a 4 hour flight. We can help you determine the exact market that is best for your ad, the perfect event to fly over, and from there, determine the most effective flight schedule.

Why choose helicopter banner advertising?

Historically, helicopters have been associated with news coverage and/or police involvement. Because of this, when consumers hear a helicopter flying overhead, their first instinct is to look up. Upon seeing a helicopter advertisement, consumers are immediately engaged. These larger-than-life helicopter aerial banners create buzz and grasp the attention of people on the ground below.

How to choose helicopter banner creative?

Helicopter aerial advertising is an eye-popping way to get noticed. But, if your target audience isn’t able to read your aerial billboard, than it’s not going to do you or your brand any good. The best advertising banners incorporate a simple message with a strong call-to-action (CTA). Check out some of the greatest aerial ads in Van Wagner Aerial Media’s Hall Of Fame. Remember, the quality and material of the banner you decide to use will also make an impact on legibility. Cheap advertising banners will not last as long and aren’t as clearly visible from the ground. Look at your aerial banner as an investment, capable of flying 40, 50, even 100 flights.

Other aerial advertising aircraft:

Helicopter banner towing is just one possibility when it comes to your sky campaign. You can also choose aerial banners towed from a fixed-wing banner towing planes and/or sky writing.

Van Wagner Aerial Media can help you determine which type of media is right for your campaign. Click here for a free aerial assessment.